Search Statement of Account for Secondary Transmissions by Cable Systems:

  1. Search by Legal Name of Cable System
  2. Search by Community Served
  3. Retrieve by Cable System ID Number

Note: This database covers Cable Statements of Account filing periods from January 1, 1992 through present, and contains the:

  1. cable system's identification (ID) number as assigned by the Licensing Section,
  2. legal owner's name,
  3. communities served,
  4. form type,
  5. filing period,
  6. date received in the Copyright Office,
  7. gross receipts,
  8. royalty fee paid,
  9. filing fee paid,
  10. interest assessment paid,
  11. number of subscribers and rate charged for service to the first set (only available for certain accounting periods),
  12. correspondence status, whether the Licensing Section initiated correspondence, and whether the original Statement of Account file is available for public viewing (for viewing Statement of Account files, please contact the Licensing Section).
  13. type of filing ("P" for paper or "E" for electronic filing). Note: The E filing option became effective with the 2017/1 accounting period.

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